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Make life simpler with MiniGO. Our ‘Mini’ products help you solve those small but annoying problems, and are convenient for you to bring ‘on-the-GO’. Always look sleek and professional with our first product, MiniGO Stain Remover Pen.


The MiniGO Stain Remover pen helps remove the toughest fresh food stains “on-the-go”. Slim and light, you can carry the MiniGO Instant Stain Remover pen wherever you go making sure you always look neat and professional.

Effective Removes fresh food and drink stains (works well on tomato sauce, ketchup, wine, coffee, tea, chocolate), as well as other product stains such as: makeup smear, blood, dirt, and many more.
Slim & light pen design – perfect for carrying in your purse, handbag, briefcase, or to keep in your drawer.
Safe – MiniGO Instant Stain Remover is safe for all colorfast, machine-washable and dry-cleanable fabrics.



I love to travel. Having a product like MiniGO that I can bring everywhere I go definitely simplifies my life.
Laura | College Student


MiniGO products are great! I feel safe in all of my activities. Now, stain is not a big deal for me, even if I stain my shirt just minutes before a meeting I don’t have to worry because I have the MiniGo Stain Remover pen.
Casandra | Digital Enthusiast


Sometimes I get coffee stains on my shirt. After knowing the MiniGO Stain Remover Pen, I love coffee even more!
Andy | Coffee Lover


What is MiniGO?

MiniGO products are little tools that help smoothen your day-to-day activities. Small and light MiniGo products are convenient for you to carry anywhere you go. Every MiniGO product comes with a detailed user guide, as well as safety warnings to ensure users are aware of how to use the product safely and properly.

What is the MiniGO Stain Remover?

The MiniGO Instant Stain Remover is a stain remover pen that helps remove the toughest fresh food stains “on-the-go”.

How to use the MiniGO Stain Remover Pen:
Step #1 Rub the stain gently with a tissue to remove excess residue.
Step #2 Press the tip onto the stain several times to release some stain remover solution onto the stain.
Step #3 Rub the stain gently with a tissue across the stain to remove it. Add more liquid if necessary, and continue to rub gently.
Step #4 If treated area will be exposed to the sunlight, wipe off with a damp cloth to ensure any excess solution is removed.

MiniGO Stain Remover may irritate eyes and sensitive skin, keep out of reach of children. What is the first aid treatment for the MiniGO Stain Remover? If you accidentally get some stain remover in your eyes and your skin, rinse with water for 15 minutes. If swallowed, drink a glass of water to dilute.

How do I become a MiniGO reseller?

To become a MiniGO reseller or agent is easy and simple, with a minimum purchase only 35 pcs of our products. Please fill in this form if you have interest to become one of our Agent or Distributor.